The start of our journey with Chinaski, one of the most recognizable Czech bands, dates back to 2012 when we introduced them to producer Greg Haver. Greg co-produced two new songs on their "Best Of" album - "Stížnost" and "Hlavolam" - which led to a long-term cooperation with Greg, and resulted in two critically acclaimed #1 albums released by BrainZone. First of them, the very important “Rockfield” album (2014), was a breath of fresh air. The record boosted the band’s critical reception and confirmed their status of one of the most succesful bands of the Czech-Slovak scene.
The next album “Není nám do pláče” (2017) was also successful and the band set out for the biggest tour in their history. The succesful series of stadium concerts was topped-off by a sold-out gig at the O2 arena in Prague, the largest indoor venue in the Czech Republic, with a capacity of 17,000 people. BrainZone Services was fully in charge of the tour production, promotion and artist services.
During our collaboration, the band achieved many successes. Eight songs have become the most featured recordings on Czech radio stations. The band was awarded the "Group of the Year" award at Ceny Anděl 2014 (Czech Grammy awards), won 3rd place in the Slavik poll 3 times, “Rockfield” received 3 platinum albums, while “Není nám do pláče” received 1 platinum album.
In 2019, the band will play 7 open-air concerts in amphitheaters across the Czech Republic and their third album is planned to be released by BrainZone in autumn. For this album, the band is collaborating with several world-renowned music producers.


11 (2019)
Není nám do pláče (2017)
G2 Acoustic Stage (2016)
Rockfield (2014)


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