Marcell, is a Czech singer, producer and composer. The 30-year-old Olomouc native graduated from the UP medical faculty and became a doctor. It wasn't until later in life, though, when he started working in music. Apart from producing and composing songs for other artists (he had worked with Lenny, Mirai, Adam Mišík, Pauile Garand & others), he is now also introducing his very own work.
He previously sang with the band No Distance Paradise – releasing two critically acclaimed albums. He was also featured in Lipo's song "Svoboda", which became one of the most played local songs of last fall. The song "Srdce z ledu", which he composed for Paulie Garand and sang the refrains in, was also well received by fans and critics alike. Currently, Marcell alternates living in Prague and London.​


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Nevim (Official video) 
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mrtví kluci 
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Všechno, co se mělo stát 
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Tvůj svět 
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Vedle tebe