Busy Concert Summer for Karin Ann: Imagine Dragons, Yungblud or My Chemical Romance Choose Her as Support Act

She only recently turned 20, but she has already managed to appear on a billboard in Times Square in New York, in the German Bild, the American New York Times or the Italian Vanity Fair, and she has been chosen as support by music stars Imagine Dragons, the British singer Yungblud or a rock formation My Chemical Romance. We are talking about the Czech-Slovak musician Karin Ann, who is having a really busy summer this year.

Even before the start of the concert season, the young singer managed to successfully graduate. In the morning, she passed her oral exam and in a few hours she was on stage in Riga, where she started the European tour of the aforementioned Imagine Dragons, with whom she also went to Prague, where she will play a second concert with them today. Before that, she still had time to play at the Prague concert of the British singer Yungblud, who Karin Ann is taking with her to the Australian tour in July. At the beginning of his summer concert season, he will visit Warsaw and offer his set to the audience as support for the rock band My Chemical Romance.

Connecting with all the mentioned performers is a great honor for Karin: “It’s a great honor to play with both of them, and it’s kind of like closing a circle. When I was fourteen, I sang Radioactive by Imagine Dragons at the entrance exams for a singing course, and my sympathy for Yungblud, his work and the community he built around him is widely known,” laughs Karin Ann.

To make matters worse, he will also play festival sets at Grape in Trenčín and Superbloom in Munich. At all concerts, her older songs will be played, as well as new pieces, for example the current singles looking at porn and almost 20 from the just-released EP side effects of being human.

This year, Karin Ann was shortlisted for the Anděl Awards in the categories of discovery of the year and solo performer. In 2021, she became the discovery of the year in the Žebřík music poll. She also achieved success with the single in company, with which she appeared on a billboard in Times Square in New York, as part of the Spotify EQUAL program. With its global Spotify EQUAL program, Spotify aims to raise the profile of female performers and promote gender equality in the music business. In addition to her music, she also attracted attention for her activist stances in support of minority rights. For example, the media in Europe noted her appearance on the Polish morning TV show Pytanie na święcija, where she performed live with a rainbow flag and publicly supported the Polish LGBTQ scene. He regularly collaborates with world-renowned music producers such as Chris Lord-Alge and Matt Schwartz and others. Karin loves fashion and drawing, she always participates in the design of her outfits and especially merch. She is the author of most of the themes for her music videos, of which she has managed to release twelve so far. Karin Ann lives alternately in Žilina and London.