Chinaski new album to be released in 2019

Reinhold Mack is known as one of the most experienced music producers of all time – this charismatic German has previously worked with artists such as Queen, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and The Rolling Stones. However, Mack now awaits a new challenge: recording songs with the Czech band Chinaski.

Reinhold Mack’s studio in the calm Bavarian village of Hornhole doesn’t necessarily look a place, where the biggest music industry names would come down to record their new albums. Luckily, first impressions are not always right.

Reinhold Mack is one the most successful rock producers around. This father of two has produced more than 200 platinum hits and the long list of his musical friends includes Queen’s lead singer Freddie Mercury. Despite sporting such an impressive musical career, the German producer is nowhere near stopping just now. He is now starting work on his cooperation with Chinaski.

How are the German recording sessions going? What is Mack looking for in a musician? What does he think of the Czech musical scene? What was Freddie Mercury like and why will Mack never watch Freddie’s biographical story Bohemian Rhapsody?

All of that, and much more, in the exclusive interview with Evropa 2 below: