Karin Ann continues to work with the producer of Yungblud. The new single is about yearning for agony.

Karin Ann, a young Slovak singer, is releasing another single from the forthcoming EP, which is created under the supervision of the experienced Matt Schwartz (Yungblud, Massive Attack) and Slovak producer Tomi Popovic. The song “i yearn for agony” is accompanied by a video clip which draws on horror themes. The singer, who recently scored a hit with her first single on Czech radio stations, as well as in Germany, Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia, participated in the storyboard and direction of the video.    

“For me, i yearn for agony is a very visual song. So when I wrote the script for the clip, my mind was immediately occupied with a concept based on ghost stories, horror stories, and criminal cases. The entire visual was conceived as a film and I purposely tried to make the video slightly uncomfortable for the audience,” says the singer.

According to Karin Ann, the song “i yearn for agony” is about the darkest part of her mind at the time of the darkest periods in her life. “I have been at odds with myself for a long time in my life. I kept asking myself why I could not be like people wanted me to be. I blamed myself for everything, I was dwelling on everything, and it brought me to mental states that can be compared to agony. And that’s what the song is about,” says Karin Ann, who hopes the song could speak to people who are experiencing something similar. ”If the song helped even those who have not gone through anything like this to understand what it is like, I would be happy,” sheconcludes.

Karin Ann, a Slovak singer with Czech roots, managed to stir the musical waters in several countries with her first single, 3AM. The online portal of The New York Times mentioned her in an article on Generation Z (those born from the mid-’90s and growing up in a world of digital technologies) and she has appeared regularly on German MTV and was interviewed by Bild, a popular German daily. She has had positive responses from her homeland, Slovakia, and also from Hungary and Poland, where she opened for Sanah, a successful Polish singer, on her sold-out tour. In the Czech Republic, the song was put on rotation on several large radio stations and the video clip is shown on local television

Karin Ann’s debut EP will be released in the Czech Republic in February by BrainZone.