Metronome Prague Will Support Ukraine With Benefit Concert

The fact that the organizers of the Metronome Prague festival are not indifferent to the world’s political and social situation in the long term is something known and evidenced by many actions from the past. It is therefore logical that Russia’s ongoing war of aggression against Ukraine, taking place only a few hundred kilometers from the Czech border, is exactly the event that Metronome Prague wants to resolutely comment on. Immediately after the outbreak of war, Metronome Prague together with Czech Television organized a benefit concert in support of Ukraine. They don’t stop helping, so not only will the entire Metronome Prague be opened by the Ukrainian GO A, but the day before the festival itself they will add a separate concert with a line-up full of purely Ukrainian performers. On Wednesday, June 22 at 19:00, six giants of the Ukrainian scene will play as part of the Ukrainian Freedom Voices event. All profits from the concert will go to the Tvoya Opor charity. Tickets are available at GoOut.

The Ukrainian Freedom Voices concert will take place on Wednesday, June 22, from 7 p.m. in Křižík Pavilion B at the Prague Exhibition Center. The dramaturgy was based on the popularity of the invited artists right at home in Ukraine with the aim of pleasing Ukrainian refugees who are currently staying in the Czech Republic and have no access to live music from their homeland. At the same time, of course, attention was paid to the fact that the performing interpreters would also appeal to domestic listeners, thus deepening Czech awareness of the music that is created in Ukraine and is popular with the audience.

Ukrainian pop stars

The main star of the evening will be the singer, who uses only her initials NK on the music scene, real name Nastia Kamenskykh. She started her musical career at the age of seventeen and managed to win more than fifty different prestigious awards, including singer of the year several years in a row. She is the most broadcast radio performer on Ukrainian stations, her biggest hits are the songs Obitsiaiu and Pochuttia. She was a judge of the Ukrainian versions of several world competitions such as X Factor, she has more than ten million followers on social networks. She has toured the United States and is also popular in Latin America. But NK is also significantly active in charitable organizations and speaks with a strong voice in support of her homeland against the war.

Three-member group KAZKA, ambassador of contemporary Ukrainian music in the world, leader of radio broadcasting. A band whose songs have been played over a billion times on the internet. (performers of the hit “Plakala”).

The twenty-five-year-old singer and musician using the stage name MÉLOVIN became the discovery of the sixth season of the Ukrainian version of the X-Factor competition with his dark pop performance. In 2018, he represented Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon, Portugal, where he scored 130 points.

Among the other performers will be the young star, singer with a unique voice ALEKSEEV, winner of the prestigious M1 music awards and holder of other awards. He was the first Ukrainian performer whose song was in the lead – for ten whole weeks! – the Apple Music chart and his YouTube videos have ten million views.

The singer who calls herself Jerry Heil started her career as a highly watched and influential YouTuber back in 2012. She embarked on a professional music career five years later, her single recordings hit the Ukrainian charts, but YouTube remains the essential platform for communication with her fans.

The electronic duo TVORCHI is considered one of the most progressive creators of Ukrainian pop. With their hypnotic sound, they were the decorations of the biggest Ukrainian music festivals before the war, their track Bonfire was the most played Ukrainian song on the Deezer platform in 2020. Their recordings are extremely popular on streams, the last fourth album Road in 2021 collected more than three million listens in just the first week after its release, leaving behind such “shooters” as Kanye West or Drake on the Ukrainian charts.

Czech support

The Ukrainian Freedom Voices concert will be personally supported on the stage at the Exhibition Center by, for example, Michael Kocáb or Emma Smetana and Jordan Haj for the Czech side. Dara Rolins, Ben Cristovao, Marek Ztracený and many others are also supporting the concert on social networks. Czech Television will stream the concert on its website.

For visitors, a visit to the concert, which is organized together with Metronome Prague by the Ukrainian agency ART OF MICE, will be an opportunity to financially support Ukrainian citizens and institutions directly affected by the war through charitable organizations. A wide price range of tickets will be on sale, from which visitors can choose according to their will to financially support Ukraine. Fans who have already purchased a season ticket for Metronome Prague will receive a reward of 250 crowns for purchasing a ticket for Ukrainian Freedom Voices. Ukrainian Freedom Voices ticket holders will save the same amount when buying a Metronome Prague season ticket. A special call for generous donors offers ten tickets to a Ukrainian concert as a package.