We focus on relationships and communication with all modern media. We make use of our stable network of contacts, media partners and our team’s extensive experience. Our services are available in the following areas:

Corporate PR

• systematic and long-term building of corporate reputation

• presentation of general topics to the media (eg.: economic results, company strategies, management introductions, company programmes & etc.)

• creating & spreading background stories for companies, brands or products

Influencer PR

• selecting, approaching and motivating suitable influencers to connect with clients

• creative involvement in content of cooperation (eg.: selecting gifts, documentation, hashtag creation & etc.)

• supervision of cooperation performance, daily influencer communication & monitoring

Crisis PR

• preserving positive reputation of subjects in all circumstances

• understandable, consistent and fast communication with media during crisis

• filling out communicational empty spaces and newscast frameworks in order to gain needed time

Radio Promotion

• national & regional radio song distribution

• assistance with single release strategy

• communication with radio selectors

Media partnerships

• selecting suitable media partners, based on the goals and visions of the client

• ensuring the best possible terms from media partners

• complex communication with media partners, monitoring and performance supervision

Training & consulting

• preparing clients for direct communication with media (eg. body language during interviews, conversational tabus & etc.)

• individual consulting & directing based on client's goals, priorities and taste

• introducing clients to current social media trends and other online presentation possibilities


Corporate PR




Prague Has Its Music Fair Again After Years

The tradition of the music fair is returning to Prague after thirteen years. The company comes with it.

A Tribute to Freddie Mercury Will Be Held at the Hard Rock Cafe Prague

Like every year, Hard Rock Cafe Prague will participate in the global event called Freddie For A Week, which is a tribute to the famous music legend Freddie Mercury.

Richard Marx, Author of One of the Most Famous Ballads of All Time, Will Visit Prague for the First Time on August 30 as Part of the Songwriter Tour

The author of the megahit from the late eighties, the award-winning American musician Richard Marx, will remind the Czech audience of it as part of the world tour The Songwriter Tour on August 30, 2022 in the Hybernia Theater in Prague.