BrainZone organizes special writing retreats twice a year at the minimum. We love creating new songs and connecting the industry’s best. The BrainZone Songwriting Camp is a creative marathon of meetings connecting artists with experienced songwriters and producers.

Writers, producers and artists will be able to create new songs, participate in creative workshops, explore new ideas and approaches to music at unique & inspiring locations & come together to do precisely what they love most about the profession they chose: making music.

All this will be guided and accompanied by progressive music professionals so that all efforts and input will also be relevant in these changing times.

Joining our roster brings you opportunities for collaborations and opens up the songwriting world to you by providing opportunities to bring your songwriting skills to fruition.


A brand new edition of our Songwriting camp will take place on June 16 – 18 2021, followed by a Talent Stage on June 19 2021.

A four-day long marathon of virtual workshops and in-person sessions with renowned producers will end up with a live Talent Stage event, organised by BrainZone Services. There will be live webinars open to the public and a listening session for artists to pitch their music to music supervisors, organised by BrainZone Sync & Publishing.

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