Swiss Sinplus, who were also one of the headliners of Sázavafest, are offering a new EP to the Czech audience

They have captivated fans at major Czech festivals and their clips are rotating on domestic music television. We are talking about the Swiss rock band Sinplus, which has just released a new EP “It’s Not About Being Good”. The group, which consists of a brotherly duo, has received several awards and nominations, including the MTV Europe Music Award. The musicians mix their rock sound with new wave on the new recording. The EP is a forerunner of a new album that will be released in the spring.

“We decided to leave our comfort zone in music. We created instinctively and let the music flow in its purest form, describe brothers Ivan (guitarist) and Gabriel (singer) Broggini.

The four songs are a mix of rock and roll and new wave. It is music that was created spontaneously with a lively feeling. “Over the past year, we have gone through many changes in our lives and some very difficult moments. We were lucky to be able to absorb everything by writing music. Each song is a story we experienced and we tried to tell it without any expectations,” they said.

According to both brothers, the texts also touch on the feeling that society is dictating the rules by which it presses us to always be a better version of ourselves. It’s Not About Being Good describes the desire to break out of these rules by not forgetting that in the end it’s not about being good or better, it’s about being real and stay true to ourselves,” explains Ivan. According to him, this is also reflected in the single Break the Rules. “It might seem obvious, but to find out who we really are, we have to go through this wall and see what’s on the other side. And that’s what our music is about,” concludes Gabriel.

The Broggini brothers have received several awards and nominations, including the MTV Europe Music Award. When the ballad “You and I”, which also features the Californian singer and songwriter Mickey Shiloh, became golden in their home country, as did the music for the European Gymnastics Championships, it was another signal that something extraordinary was happening. Sinplus also had the honour of representing their country in the Eurovision Song Contest and supporting artists such as Roxette.


1.         Break the Rules

2.         Van Gogh

3.         Burning Man

4.         Give It Away