The Four-day Festival Metronome Prague Ended

The fifth edition of the Metronome Prague festival ended early Sunday morning at the Prague Exhibition Center. The main star of Saturday’s program was the band Underworld. Friday’s program on the main stage culminated with a breathtaking show by Beck, for which a hard core of fans waited under the story for an hour in a heavy storm. A day earlier, Nick Cave with The Bad Seeds completely captivated the audience. A record 22,000 visitors arrived at the festival, and the first jubilee half-round Metronome Prague set a new bar in terms of attendance. Music-loving Prague residents and visitors from all corners of the country and foreign guests will have another chance to lower this bar in a year. The organizers announced the date of the sixth edition of Metronome Prague from June 22 to 25, 2023 in the same location.

Domestic and foreign performers presented themselves on eight stages. From abroad, groups such as Baltazar, Oh Wonder and Lola Marsh attracted attention, while fans of older rock music were delighted by Mick Jagger’s brother Chris. The festival also introduced talented foreign artists who have a future ahead of them to the Czech scene, such as the British singer-songwriter Emily Burns. What a transition between the foreign and domestic scene was the Czech premiere of the band Sunnbrella, founded in London by Meky Žbirka’s son David. Brilliant and, even by their standards, concrete concerts were also performed by many domestic performers. Lenka Dusilová presented the widely cast Řeka Ensámbl, Tata Bojs played for their lives on a special stage at Křižík’s fountain, at the same place he presented the SymfoMig 21 project with his songs in an arrangement enriched by the National Theatre’s symphony orchestra, ballet and choir. Dan Bárta sang good old hard rock with the band Alice, with whom he first became famous, Marpo celebrated the tenth anniversary of the founding of his Troublegang with great pomp. For this year’s Metronome Prague, a hip-hop dramaturgical line was also typical, which brought to the stage at the Exhibition Center domestic and foreign top performers as well as the discoveries of this extremely popular genre today.

On Thursday and Saturday, over 14,000 spectators passed through the festival gates, on Friday there were fewer, also due to the weather. In total, 22,000 individual ticket holders enjoyed the event. The main interest of the audience is, of course, in the main stars. On Thursday, he confirmed his current position on the Nick Cave music scene with a superbly composed setlist, a perfectly executed musical concept, in which his band was accompanied by two male and female vocalists. The former “prince of darkness” also showed himself as a master of contact with the audience, which returned his expended energy with a groan and did not hesitate to even carry multiple idols on their hands.

Friday night star Beck was similarly in touch. For his performance, due to a strong storm that stopped over the Exhibition Grounds, many had to wait for an hour, many – in order to keep their place as close as possible to the stage – directly in the rain and under a sky cut by lightning. When, after doubts as to whether the concert would really take place, the first notes rang out, the ovations did not end and Beck literally poured more than thirty of his songs into the audience, including his biggest hits. And at every possible moment, he showed how much he appreciated the fact that the listeners remained loyal to him and did not let the torrents of rain intimidate them. The whole festival then culminated on Saturday before midnight with the last main star, the British electronic duo Underworld. She was able to fascinate not only with the music, which moved even staunch opponents of dance, but also with a fascinating spectacle with a perfect light park.

“Thank you very much to everyone who participates. Spectators, performers, production, partners. The Czech capital is back on the map of Europe’s major cultural events. We believe that we have started the next stage of Metronome Prague and we are looking forward to the next year, which will be in June 2023,” said David Gaydečka for the organizers.

As can be the case with such large events, the last notes of the fifth year’s music have not yet sounded at the Exhibition Grounds, the organizers are already thinking about the next ten. As the first piece of information, they stated that the sixth Metronome Prague is being produced on June 22-25, 2023, of course at the same location, i.e. at the Prague Exhibition Center.